ad·vice[ad-vahys] -noun
an opinion or recommendation offered as a guide to action, conduct, etc.

1250–1300; late ME advise; r. ME avis (with ad- ad- for a- a-5 ) < OF a vis (taken from the phrase ce m'est a vis that is my impression, it seems to me)

Dear Readers,
Feel free to email us your questions. We promise not to bite, too hard. We don't promise you'll like our advice or even follow it. What we can say is that we will do our best to answer as honestly as we would a good friend.
Mae & Judith

Sunday, February 27, 2011

To Affair or Not to Affair, That is the Question

Dear Auntie Mae and Judith,
I have gained weight since my marriage five years ago and my husband no longer finds me attractive. I am not obese, but have gained 20lbs but other men still find me attractive, should I have an affair to wake him up?
Ms. Weight Gain

Dear Ms. Weight Gain
Twenty pounds?? First question is has your husband actually said he didn't find you attractive because of your weight gain?? If the answer to this is yes well then you certainly did not know how shallow a man you married five years ago. Aside from the health benefits that you would gain by starting a healthy regime if you want to lose the weight than do so because you want to do it and it makes you happy and not because you're craving attention or physical fulfillment from your husband and having an affair is the wrong kind of attention that you will get from your husband, I mean why don't you just file for a divorce straight away in that case?? Because it will be the perfect excuse he will need once you start an affair to wake him up.

Dear Ms. Weight Gain,
An affair won’t help your marriage. But a healthy dose of self confidence may be needed on your part. I’d say your husband is using the weight to tell you something bigger. You may have to play super sleuth to get to the bottom of this. In the end, it might not be about you at all, and more about him.
Auntie Mae

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