ad·vice[ad-vahys] -noun
an opinion or recommendation offered as a guide to action, conduct, etc.

1250–1300; late ME advise; r. ME avis (with ad- ad- for a- a-5 ) < OF a vis (taken from the phrase ce m'est a vis that is my impression, it seems to me)

Dear Readers,
Feel free to email us your questions. We promise not to bite, too hard. We don't promise you'll like our advice or even follow it. What we can say is that we will do our best to answer as honestly as we would a good friend.
Mae & Judith

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Attention from the Ladies

Dear Auntie Mae and Judith,
I am a gay man who has finally found a job after 18 months of unemployment working with an organization that would fire me if they knew. Many of the women in my office are single and if they aren't hitting on me, want to set me up with their friends. How do I stay undercover until I can find a job with a better company?

Dear Closet:
If you are working in an environment that explicitly denies that your sexual orientation or the disclosing of it will get you dismissed from your job well then you certainly are working for people who are infringing on your rights, speak to a lawyer to find out your exact position should your orientation be disclosed in your job place. In the meantime however the best thing one can do to advise any awkward situations and probing questions , pretend that you have struck up an on line love affair in some country far off and your social life is on hold because of the cost of traveling to eventually meet 'the one'. That cancels out most of your problems there and then as far as colleagues trying to trap you into dating them...

Dear Closet,
Since staying undercover is your plan, maybe you should put a picture of a girl in your office so it looks like you have a serious girlfriend. Tell the ladies, you’d love to date them should you become available, until then, you just don’t have eyes for any of them.
Auntie Mae

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