ad·vice[ad-vahys] -noun
an opinion or recommendation offered as a guide to action, conduct, etc.

1250–1300; late ME advise; r. ME avis (with ad- ad- for a- a-5 ) < OF a vis (taken from the phrase ce m'est a vis that is my impression, it seems to me)

Dear Readers,
Feel free to email us your questions. We promise not to bite, too hard. We don't promise you'll like our advice or even follow it. What we can say is that we will do our best to answer as honestly as we would a good friend.
Mae & Judith

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Wanting to Comfort

Dear Auntie Mae and Judith,
My religious boss is unhappily married with children, I've tried to be comforting about his situation while being professional, but it is becoming difficult as I think he should seek a divorce. Should I tell him? He is a little naive and very attractive. 
Sign me,
Ms. Comforting  

Dear Ms. Comforting:
Whoa Nelly, hold your horses, a lot of key words are right here in front of me that really should ring alarm bells in you, oh let's see religious is one, children another, naive and attractive - I think I know where you are going with this. They guy might be unhappily married and seems to have strong religious ties if he lets them known or spill out into his professional life, so the very idea that he would instigate divorce proceedings seems unlikely alright coupled with the fact he has children. I can't help thinking that you have entertained the idea more than once that you would be his savior , if you will pardon the pun , in all this, that you will advise him that a loveless marriage is no life for him and unhealthy for the children.. Picture the scenario further, He takes you up on your advice, all the while wrestling with his conscience , morals and children’s emotions as well as the financial implications, you're not going to appear much like a savior in all this scenario ,who's interest are you acting for there? It's a selfish scenario you have emotionally involved yourself in, curtail your Tongue as far as suggesting he call in the divorce lawyer, you have no business in telling him that unless you are a close friend and not a colleague. Do yourself a favor, Friday night, go out with some friends, get a few margaritas, go find a attractive, naive single unattached guy and take up a new hobby, not one of possible home wrecker...

Dear Ms. Comforting: 
No. Feel free to tell him to see a therapist. But if you are keeping things professional, then no, do not tell him anything, no matter how attractive he is. 
Auntie Mae 

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